Boss Snow V-Plow

Thanks to our 'slick' polyethylene moldboard, these Poly Multiposition Plows let you finish a job up to 30 percent faster than other more traditional Straight-Blade Snowplows. The BOSS Poly Plow has a friction coefficient so low, snow can't stick. Which saves time and fuel, as well as wear and tear on your truck. Another advantage of polyethylene is that it's color-impregnated-so nicks and scratches don't show. And ours is still the only poly plow on the market that lets you choose from a Scoop, Straight or V-position-or any position in between. And each one comes standard with our simple, time-saving SmartHitch 2 Mounting System. Which means when it comes to putting snow in its place, nothing comes close to The BOSS Poly Power-V Snowplow.