Truxedo Lo Pro

* Low Profile Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover * TruXedo® Lo Pro QT’s quick attaching clamp requires no tools. Allows for easy removal and re-installation of the side rails. * The heavy duty spring force of the quick attaching spring-loaded header guide holds the cover assembly into place – also allows for quick removal and re-installation without tools. * No-hassle Velcro® brand fastening features “sliding hook” technology. * Patented tension control means the cover stays tight from 20° below to 120° above automatically * Fully closed to fully open in 20 seconds. Allows for complete access to truck bed * Highest quality industrial-strength vinyl-coated, leather-grain fabric in the industry. Fabric does not shrink in cold climates, allowing for flawless operation 365 days a year. * Available Colors: Navy, Buckskin, Forest Green, Burgundy, Gray or Black.