Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch

The B&W Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch is available as an accessory to the B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch.
•12" of movement, for turning and maneuvering clearance in shortbed trucks.
•Automatically latches in both directions- only get out of the truck once to move into maneuvering position.
•Tight tolerances in sliding mechanism, moves smoothly without the rattle.
•Three vertical adjustments, 17", 18", 19".
•Fully articulating coupler head allows front to back and side to side pivoting.
•1" thick, wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly, eliminating sloppy starts and stops.
•Polyurethane bushings provide a quiet, rattle free towing experience.
•Utilizes the B&W Turnoverball under-bed mounting system. Pull a Gooseneck or a 5th Wheel with the same system.
•Can be removed (two people!) for a clean bed with no rails. No mounting rails means using your truck for more than towing. 18,000 LB. GTW 4,500 LB. VTW