5th Airborne

The 5th Airborne premium 5th-wheel airride coupler acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and the trailer, minimizing the challenges in the road. This significantly reduces the negative impact of vertical shock and longitudinal chucking. The 5th Airborne does more than improve your ride; it protects your investments by relieving stress on your coach's frame, cabinets, mechanicals and support mechanisms. Drivers and passengers also benefit from reduced fatigue and the improved safety provided by the 5th Airborne's smooth ride. 5th Airborne is designed to allow tuning of the air-spring, a feature that permits adjustment to optimize the performance of each rig combination. The air-spring is enclosed within the coupler, providing protection form UV exposure and roadhazards. The entire coupler is preassembled and disgned for easy installation using existing holes and hardware. 5th Airborne is engineered with a 21K CSA rating and 3-year warranty.