TriMax TAR 300 Locking Pin

The TAR300 5/8" pin locking receiver pin with an anti-rattle pin and features a chrome finish and hardened steel. Provides instant security for your camper, boat or trailer by securing your vehicle receiver hitch. Features patented 1/4 turn techology that cannot be false locked. * Includes 2 keys * Includes wrench for installation * The 5/8" fits all Class III, IV and V receiver hitche * Receiver pin easily adjusts for tight fit * O ring keeps water, grime and dirt out of locking mechanism to ensure years of use * Protective rubber cap protects keyhole from water, grime and dirt * Type A key which is a spring loaded, 7 pin, high security key. Resists attempted drill outs. Rugged and durable, the key will not bend or break. * LIFETIME WARRANTY