Swagman Trailhead Folding Bike Racks

Innovation meets durability to create this top-line bike rack. The double arms provide stability, while the straps tighten down over almost any size bike frame. Not only does the rack itself tilt forward to provide access to the cargo area of the vehicle, but the arms also fold down for easy storage when not in use.

Features: •Tilting, hitch-mounted rack carries available in 2, 3 & 4 bikes
•Dual-arm design provides maximum bike stability ◦Folds down for convenient storage - simply pull the pin
•Anti-sway cradles secure bikes to the rack using durable rubber straps ◦Rotate left to right and adjust front to back
◾Accommodate many types of alternative and women's frames, Reduce the need for a bike adapter bar
◦Prevent bike-to-bike contact during transport - deter scratches on paint finish
•Versatile bike rack tilts forward to allow easy access to vehicle's rear cargo area ◦Releases forward when you remove pin
•2-Piece adapter sleeve converts carrier shank for use with 2" trailer hitches ◦Use bike carrier without sleeve on 1-1/4" trailer hitches
•Anti-rattle, threaded pin and clip secure the rack to the trailer hitch ◦Eliminates rattle in the hitch receiver
◦Replace with Swagman's anti-rattle lock (sold separately) to lock bike carrier to your vehicle