Modulite Protector with Circuit Protection

The ModuLiteĀ® with short circuit protector, adds integrated short circuit protection that safeguards itself and the tow vehicle against harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations. * Draws power directly from the vehicle battery and uses less than 5 mA of the vehicle circuit for sensing to turn the trailer functions on and off * Will work with most LED/Incandescent/Standard bulbs (vehicle & trailer) * The unit is rated for up to 2.1 amps for Turns/Stops circuits and 5.6 amps for the Taillight circuit * Will work with most vehicles that have a multiplex system for lighting * The taillight circuit has been upgraded to work with vehicles that use a pulse width modulation (PWM), this will allow the convertor to turn on fully and gives the trailer lights full brightness during activation * This unit prevents feedback from trailer to the vehicle system * Can be used on a 2-wire or 3-wire system * Includes integrated protective cover