Warn XD9i

You'll see more XD9I Winches on trail rigs than any other winch. No load line speed of 38 Foot per Minute and three-stage planetary gearing and the ability to run cool with low ampere draw for long Winching cycles are just a few reasons why. The XD9000I features an integrated control pack and all metal housing, which protects the Winch's electrical components the way a roll cage protects you. Comes with 125' of 5/16" wire rope. Competition Grade Power, Speed And Reliability Pulling Capacity Up To 9,000 Pounds Three Stage Planetary Gearing Ability To Run Cool Low Ampere Draw Remote control with 12' (3.7m) lead Durable 5/16" (8mm) diameter galvanized steel wire rope. Limited Lifetime Warranty for Mechanical Components. Limited Seven (7) year warranty for Electrical Components.